Court Martial

First we had Spock on trial in The Menagerie now this episode but Kirk on trial for the death of a crewman while going through an ion storm.  I’ll make this short:

Kirk says he followed all procedures, computer says other, video tampered to show Kirk ejecting to soon but it was all a trick by the guy everyone thought was dead.  Apprently he had an ax to grind with Kirk from back in the day.

All ends well (at least for Kirk)

There is some good points in this episode with Kirk and his lawyer Cogley.  It isn’t until Spock is playing chess and wins that he realizes the computer is all effed up.

Good commentary about books versus computers in this episode with Cogley and it made me want to have an entire wall of books in my house.

Tomorrow is Yesterday

This is the first time travel episode as far as I can tell.  The Enterprise is investigating a black star and they are sucked back in time.  As is the case with any time travel people see Kirk and crew and things must be set right.  It seems that at all turns in this one Kirk, Sulu, Spock, etc are foiled until Spock has the idea to sling shot around the sun and try to put everything back to “normal.” As you can imagine it works out perfectly.

This episode begins the questions of how the past can effect the future.  At first Kirk says they will just keep Capt. John Christopher since history shows no important contributions by him but then they realize his son needs to be born to help the space program start.  It is interesting to see how they go about returning this to normal but this episode was not as good as The City on the Edge of Forever (at the end of season 1).  The time space continuum is a really awesome plot always.


This episode reveals the crazy green creature from the credits to be a “Gorn.”  This story starts with Kirk and crew chasing an alien ship and they slip into the Metron’s space and they are pissed.  They do want fighting in their galaxy so they put Kirk and the Gorn captain on a planet and say fight to the death, winner leaves, loser ship blown up.  Kirk gets his ass kicked as usual at first then as always cracks the code and beats the Gorn BUT refuses to kill him.  The Metron congrualte Kirk and say he is “wise beyond his race” basically and return him to Cestus 3.

This episode again takes place on a planet that looks like crap.  On the ship everything seems believable and looks good, when they leave the Enterprise all bets are off.  It is always a great surprise when we find out who some of the mystery creatures are from the credits and the Gorn was a fun alien for sure.  The Gorn actually looked pretty good.

The Squire of Gothos

I am so behind in this, I think I am going to switch to a once a week update here when I have more time on the weekends.

Now for the Squire: This episode brought a crazy man, Trelane, who runs a rogue planet that can imagine almost anything to be he wants. This episode brought us the ramblings and whimsical nature of Trelane and him trying to entertain himself with the crew.  Kirk tries to out smart him with a dual and its at this point that two more powerful beings arrive and we see that he is not as all powerful as he thought.  

This was one of those episodes that really wasnt as fun as it should be as the crew ventured off the enterprise. Most of the off Enterprise episodes have bad sets and look awful and this one was kind of that way too.  Plus Trelane was just super annoying.

The Galileo Seven

This episode was a great rebound episode for us after Shore Leave.  The small ship Galileo takes off to investigate a black hole like phenomenon and then they crash land on a planet with giants (they seem to be giants but don’t look that good at all).

Spock tries to deal with this situation 100% logically which drives his crew a little crazy.  It was very amusing to watch Spock talk about leaving someone behind on the planet just because it was “logical” and their reactions were priceless. 

This episode got me back on track and I am hoping for some more good episodes to close out the second half of season 1. 

Shore Leave

This may have been the most disappointing episode yet.  The crew stumbles upon a great planet that is perfect for a little R&R since they have been working so hard.  But the planet has a little more to it than meets the eye.  Its more of an amusement park that makes whatever you think of.  I was pretty bored during this whole episode wishing myself that it would end.  You got to see a little more about characters (i.e Kirk and Ruth) but really all I took away was Bones loves women and booze still, he is a great character.

Balance of Terror

Balance of Terror brings us the first appearance of many classic Star Trek staples such as the Neutral Zone, Romulans and the what I believe is the Bird of Prey.  This episode starts off with Earth outposts monitoring the Neural Zone being destroyed and the Enterprise en route to check up.  Kirk and crew quickly discover a ship that can cloak and has a devastating weapon.  The episode is really about Kirk vs the Romulan Capt. who apparently is unnamed (the actor Mark Lenard went on to play Spock’s father Sarek and a Klingon in the movies, FYI). The battle between captains makes for some great tension as the try to predict each others next move.  

It was great to see some staples of Star Trek appear in this episode that carry over to the future series.  I am totally into Star Trek and sometimes its tough to only watch one episode a day.  Great idea from my friends to start this up.

The Conscience of the King

Episode 13 on Day 13, like I mentioned on twitter the numbers don’t usually match. This episode brings us some back story on Kirk and a great story that questions technology vs humanity (and rings pretty true for today). The story starts out with the Enterprise diverting course to meet Thomas Leighton who claims to have a new food source to solve the hunger problems of the universe.  This is quickly discovered to be a lie and he wanted Kirk there because he thinks he found Kodos the executioner traveling in a Shakespearean actors with the name Anton Karidian. Kirk does no want to believe that Kodos, a former governor who killed 4000 people, could still be alive (official report says he dead but not 100% confirmed).  Well all Kirk’s doubts go away when Leighton ends up dead and he quickly arranges a plan that will place the traveling actors on the Enterprise while he investigates.  Some interesting information about Kirk’s past and like I said at the start a great dialogue between Kirk and Kodos about humanity vs technology that really fits in today’s world.

Menagerie Part 1 and 2

The Menagerie episodes were the first “to be continued” episodes in the Trek family.  It gave us some pretty great background information on main characters.  These 2 episodes take us on a journey to the forbidden world of Talus IV.  The story line of Spock kidnapping the Enterprise (never thought I would say that) and taking his former captain (Capt. Pike) to Talos IV makes from great moments.  A lot of the footage from The Menagerie are scenes from the original pilot episode “The Cage.” This first pilot was filmed and then the company decided to make a second one with Kirk. The idea to incorporate the footage gave us some great background into Spock’s time with Capt. Pike and also solved the problem of production problems.  The shows cutting edge special effects were slowing down production and the final product was arriving later and later to be aired.  Filming this 2 part episode with only needing one week of shooting and incorporating the unused pilot in helped get everything back on track.  This episode was a really fun ride that had some great moments between Kirk and Spock.  The fact that Spock was on trial at any point for mutiny is unbelievable to me at first until you realize it was his 100% dedication to his captain that drove him to his actions. Capt. Pike had a totally different feel yet still some “Kirk” to him. The power of the aliens is something that really makes you think more and more as you watch these two episodes what is Pike seeing?  As the episode goes on you as the viewer are also confronted with the idea of “what are you seeing.”  The whole show was full of moments and twists that kept you hooked.

All in all a great two part episode that had the feel of a modern day season finale.  Great plot, great cliffhanger, and the green alien from the credits.

The Corbomite Maneuver

The Corbomite Maneuver was a great episode with a couple of lame moments.  First thought towards the beginning of this episode when the cube shows up was Borg! but alas no Borg in the original series but still cant wait.  The ships on this episode don’t look good at all.  The cube was bad, the second more powerful ship of Balok was really bad.  But it was 1966.  This episode buts the Enterprise vs a superior aline race and ship and Kirk must think his way out of. This episode really shows us Kirk’s great ability to think and be a leader.  His bluff of the “corbomite” was awesome.  The episode ends kind of lame with Balok not being who we thought he would be but still an awesome episode.

Menagerie write up will be late since I am going to do both parts together.